Welcome to Dilworth


With each new project we take on, Not Just Coffee aims to thoughtfully and beautifully manifest it’s presence and hospitality in a way that uniquely serves the immediate community. This week, we proudly welcomed Not Just Coffee Dilworth to our family - our largest and most creative endeavor yet. This location exudes a settledness and an ease that makes it already feel like a veteran on the block, and with a more expansive menu boasting cocktails, beer and wine, coffee and espresso, and a full food menu, Not Just Coffee Dilworth has already begun to drum up a regular customer base.

Everyone who passes through the doors at Dilworth can attest to the vibe and the feel of the space, but one of the most meaningful parts of this venture for us has been the partnerships that made this location a reality. It has always been a driving force of our culture to focus on what we do best and empower others to do what they do best - our space on Park Road is a proud example of just that.

Hank Schellenger and Parker Davis of Eccent Design have a natural chemistry with Not Just Coffee, driven by a mantra of “community over self” and a dedication to prioritizing the quality of their work over the bottom line or deadline. Hank debuted his commercial career in 2016 with the Not Just Coffee Packard Place location and has since worked on projects with Charlotte institutions like, Inizio Pizza and Old Mecklenburg Brewing, further refining his brand and finding like-souls to collaborate with in Charlotte.

Katie Schindler, owner of Fine Grit and returning champion of many Not Just Coffee projects, worked tirelessly to complete the wood-finishing in our new space. Katie says she loves being “an intricate part of the impact that James and Miracle are having on Charlotte with their businesses.” You’d be hard pressed to find a woman with a stronger work ethic or more infectious laugh, and she’s been building her own business at Fine Grit for the last several years. Partnering with local businesses and homeowners alike, Fine Grit brings custom finishing and re-finishing visions to fruition. “I've only begun to make my own impact with growing Fine Grit.  Y'all aint seen nothing yet."

These are just a few of the folks that have contributed their creativity and talent to make Dilworth so special. We’re thankful beyond words for them - and all our other friends and collaborators who have helped us along the way. Not Just Coffee Dilworth is truly a project of gratitude, by and for our community, and we can’t wait to share it with you. Cheers!

Jordan BlackComment