FAQ: Series


If you have ever found yourself prefacing your coffee question with a “this may be a stupid, but…”, you’re not alone. With the many benefits that recent advancements in the coffee industry grant us, an unfortunate side effect can be a lack of approachability. The further the distance between the equipment, language, and methods of brewing we use and those that our customers use, the more important it is to facilitate comfortable and inviting communication across the bar. Hence, the inspiration for our FAQ series!

In an effort to use our online presence to expand on the conversations we have in shop, we will be highlighting the questions we receive most commonly from our customers and delving deeper into the science and philosophy behind each inquiry. We desire to transcend the pervasive notion that specialty coffee comes at the price of pretension and contrarily prove that the highest quality of coffee preparation must include engaging and informative customer service. To submit questions or suggestions for topics, email l@notjust.coffee. We can’t wait to get the conversation going!



Jordan BlackComment