Not Just Coffee is a staff-driven business. Our culture, our precision, our service - the most influential aspects of our company - are made real only through the daily dedication and passion of our employees.

With this recognition and appreciation in mind during Women’s History Month, we’re taking time to raise our mugs to a few of the women who contribute so much to our team and ask, “What accomplishments in the coffee industry are you most proud of?”

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Miracle Yoder-Clark / Owner.

Miracle’s contributions to the coffee industry are truthfully impossible to capture in one short article. She is Not Just Coffee - a driving force of our staff culture, the financial brain of the company, a Counter Culture-trained student, and our one-woman human resources department.

With all that she has accomplished, Miracle is most proud of “the beautiful daughter (she) created, who is just one of the best damn humans and baristas out there - and has an amazing palate for coffee, wine, and food!”



Kenya Augerson / Shift Lead.

Kenya is most proud of her resilience and her adaptability. Though she came on board as a coffee novice, Kenya’s work ethic and radiant personality quickly made her a defining face of Not Just Coffee 7th Street and a leader we depend on. Kenya takes pride in “learn(ing) all that I can about coffee and working in this industry. All I knew before I got hired was food ( due to having my degree in Culinary Arts) and working as a chef. Now I can say, “Hell yeah I can cook, but have you seen me make a latte though?”



L Burleson / Manager.

L Burleson focuses her heart and attention on cultivating Not Just Coffee’s culture through intentional communication, both with customers and within our staff. She authors the majority of our website and blog content and is one of several leaders creating customer brewing classes every month. “Last year, I developed a customer service program for all our staff - it was really challenging and fun to make practical ways of implementing what is generally a pretty nuanced social interaction. I’m particularly proud of the staff mentorship “one-on-one” program I started at Packard. Investing focused attention on quality-of-life initiatives and leadership development for my staff is one of the things I believe I do best and I enjoy most.”



Brittney Grubb / Manager.

Brittney Grubb, known to her staff as BGrubbs, takes pride in being a catalyst of the coffee culture she’s grown to love so much.  “I am most proud of the opportunity to work in a field with as much passion and camaraderie as the coffee industry. As an analytical mind, it was intimidating at first to start off in a field that looked from the outside (at least to me) to be entirely art and creativity driven. But coffee is also a science that everyone in this industry is excited to research and share with the professionals around them. My love for food and its ability to connect people meets hospitality meets calculations and extraction rates and flavor profiles. I am so proud to create and spread that kind of culture.”



MIchelle Yow / Head Trainer.

Michelle Yow’s role at Not Just Coffee is the epitome of “rubber meets the road”. She trains all new hires and has developed a continuing education program to keep our staff ahead of the curve. In her own words: “We've always had great coffee and great baristas, but being able to implement a program that has a tangible evaluation system really puts us a step above other coffee programs. It's awesome to offer continuing education and training for baristas for as long as they're here, whether it's coffee science, palate development, or latte art. We push our people to be the best in the business and try to offer them opportunities to learn about what interests them most and then implement that themselves - like the home brew classes our people have been working on!." Michelle organizes our latte art throwdowns and has completed her Level Two SCAA certification. "We really have the hardest working crew in Charlotte, and I love seeing our improvements over the years.”


Erin Destiny Clark / Quality Control. 

Erin Destiny is our longest standing employee. She’s proud to have “(found) a place in coffee where I feel as though no matter my age or gender I am knowledgeable in something and can use it to my advantage as well as to teach others.” She is the creative mind behind our house made sodas and our quality control guru. Erin also contributes photos and stories to our social media.


As a company, we are proud of these women for their accomplishments and proud to have them leading our team. 



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